100% Solids Epoxy Based Pigment Dispersions

Epoxy dispersions based on a 100% solids epoxy resin with an epoxide equivalent weight of 195-208.  The EH line of colorants is designed to minimize flooding and floating in a variety of formulations.  A full range of shades is available, including custom matched colors.

EH – Adhesives

EH can be used to color the “A” side of two component epoxy adhesives.  For “B” side colorants we recommend our non-reactive RN, VC, and VPU product lines.

EH – Coatings 

EH is widely used to color 100% solids and solvent borne floor finishes, industrial paints, and protective coatings.

EH – Composites

EH is the product of choice for many applications including liquid cast epoxy parts, thermoset composites and pultrusion.