Unsaturated Polyester Based Pigment Dispersions

100% solids unsaturated polyester based pigment dispersions compatible with a wide range of polymer chemistries.  A full range of shades is available, including custom matched colors.  The PC line is generally associated with SMC, BMC, cultured marble and FRP.

PC – Coatings

These products present a very low-VOC option to traditional solvent-based pigment dispersions.  Current customers benefit from the PC pigment dispersions versatility and are used to color epoxy, urethane, and polyaspartic coatings.  The colorants are designed to minimize flooding and floating in a variety of coating formulations.

PC – Composites

The PC colorant line is compatible with resins used in molding processes; SMC, BMC, cultured  marble and FRP.  Our extensive technical knowledge and expertise has given the PC series a virtually unlimited color range, low viscosities, and excellent weather stability.